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Here is what you need to know if you are a valued shareholder of GBTI:

GBTI is a publicly traded company with over 2,000 shareholders.
As a shareholder you actively take part in the company’s Annual General Meeting whereby the Chairman and the board of directors outline the financial matters pertaining to your investment.

Shares can be bought or sold on the Guyana Stock Market through any of the brokers listed below.  Once you have established a stockbroking account with one of the brokers, you can begin trading. GBTI’s registrar is the Guyana Americas Merchant Bank (GAMBI). Further information on trading can be found directly on the GASCI website.

The Board of Directors determine dividends to be distributed to the shareholders based on the performance of the company and subject to regulatory approval.

Dividends paid to residents of Guyana or CARICOM member states are tax-free.  Withholding Tax is applied to Non-residents of Guyana or CARICOM.

Dividends are paid after a declaration by the board, usually twice per year.  The final dividend for the prior year is usually paid immediately after the AGM while an interim dividend is paid later in the year usually after half yearly financial results are available.  Dividends are paid via direct deposit into a bank account or the cheques can be mailed out to the address you provide. Dividends can be paid to any bank or financial institution locally or overseas.

A dividend payment letter which can be uplifted from our registrar should be completed and submitted to the Registrar.  The Registrar will confirm your banking details as well as your identity.

A change of address form which can be uplifted from our registrar should be completed and submitted to the Registrar.  The Registrar will confirm your address as well as your identity.

This is done at our Registrar’s Office.  A transfer form is completed and signed by all parties in the presence of the Registrar (if overseas, forms must be notarized).  The original share certificates, proof of identities, proof of address and G$120 stamp duties must be provided. We currently accept all notarized documents.

Shares can be held “And”. This means that all parties on the share certificate must sign to make any changes. Shares can also be held “And/ Or”. This means that any one party on the share certificate may sign to make any changes.  Please note that all shareholders must sign if adding or deleting shareholder/s.

Yes, you can ask your Attorney to assist you with this process.

Minors cannot be added to a GBTI share certificate. However, once the child attains the age of 18 he/she can be added.

Check with our Registrar.  You will need to complete an indemnity form.  A notice will then be published in the press/media.  After 28 days of the publication, a replacement share certificate will be issued.  This publication attracts a fee of G$2,500.  Remember to walk with your ID and proof of address. If someone is overseas, the indemnity form and documents will need to be notarized.  The shareholder will make payment for the lost certificate via means convenient to them.

Upon death, shares will be transferred to your Estate and your Attorney can guide your family members through the probate process.

Generally shares can be used as collateral for a loan. Unfortunately, no bank can hold its own shares as collateral for a loan. This means GBTI cannot hold GBTI shares as collateral for a loan. However, GBTI can hold other listed shares as collateral.

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