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As low as 6.99%
Customer Relief Measures

• Late fees on loan payments
• Penalty interest on loans
• Credit Card – late fees
• Penalties for early withdrawal – Term Deposits

• Three to six months Moratorium on loans
• Debt restructuring
• Deferral of loan payments
• Reduction of interest rates
Waiver of Interest and late payment fees: Loan Restructuring: Terms and conditions apply
REVISION OF INACTIVITY PERIOD Dear Customer, As a reminder, we encourage you to use your account once per year.
Failing to do so will render your account “Dormant” and your account will be subjected to a
monthly charge of $500.00 until it is rectified.

Changes to our “Dormant Period” took effect on the 1st January, 2020.

We encourage you to visit your nearest branch to check on the status of your account.
Please provide positive identification, proof of address and pay slip if visiting to
reactivate your account.
Overseas customers may engage us via email
Foreign bank details for SWIFT Wires are available on our website Learn More

Bank Accounts

Explore the power of simpler and smarter banking. Bank online with over 250 services.


From shares to shopping centres and term deposits to toll roads, there’s a huge range of investments to choose

Foreign Trade

Explore the power of simpler and smarter banking. Bank online with over 250 services.

Electronic Banking

Access your account on the go from your mobile phone, or your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Savings Accounts

Our Savings Account caters to the individual and group customer for whom it is important to have transactions recorded in a passbook. The convenient pocket-size passbook offers customers the opportunity to follow account transactions and maintain accurate records. Interest is calculated on the minimum balance for the quarter and paid at the end of April and October.

Savings Account
Chequeing Account

Chequing Accounts

This account allows an individual to make payments and conduct transactions with the use of a chequebook. Chequebooks can be ordered with 25 or 50 leaves according to the need and frequency of use. Also, our personalised chequebooks allow the customer to specify any personal information to be printed on the cheque leaf.

GBTI Cards


GBTI issues its own Gold and Classic Credit Cards, valid for use in Guyana. These cards allow you access to over 20 ATM Money Zone locations and 235 Point-of-Sale terminals throughout Guyana.


The GBTI VISA Travel Classic card is a prepaid card that can be used locally and internationally, limited only by the funds available on the card.


The Kaieteur Classic Debit Card gives you secure and convenient 24-hour banking at your fingertips. The card is free and can be used to access all our ATM Money Zones and 235 Point-of-Sale terminals at Prominent Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Restaurants and Gas Stations. Look for our GBTI Kaieteur Classic Sign!

Forex Rates

 Currencies Buying Selling
USD Notes $208.50 $211.50
Others $209.00 $214.00
CAD Notes $140.00 $170.00
Others $145.00 $175.00
GBP Notes $270.00 $310.00
Others $280.00 $320.00
Euro Notes $210.00 $250.00
Others $215.00 $280.00
EC Notes $58.66 $68.66
BDS Notes $81.99 $91.99
TT Notes $15.77 $25.77
BRL Notes $40.00 $87.00

*Rates are subject to change without notice.


No notices at this time.


GBTI accumulates $3.5M in St Vincent Relief effort

The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited today presented a cheque valued three million four hundred and forty thousand, one and thirty eight dollars to Prime Minister Mark Phillips at his Camp Street Office. The presentation represents the collective effort of members of the public and GBTI in support of the people of St…

The Board of Directors of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited (GBTI) announces the appointment of James Foster as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ag. Mr. Foster will assume responsibilities carried out by Mr. Richard Isava, Managing Director of Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc. since January 2018 under the title, Executive Director.

Mr. Isava, continues to serve as a Director of the Board of GBTI. Mr. Foster, a Guyanese, brings extensive experience in banking in the USA, the Caribbean and Canada. This covers private, retail, corporate banking and successful mergers as well as mortgage insurance and his seminal involvement in projects in many of the major world…

From Fashion to Food: How to Make the Most of a Trip to Milan

Milan has long held a position as a major fashion and design capital, with a rich history that stretches back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. If you’re a world traveler, here is what to see and do next time you’re in the city. Fashion and Design Today, many of the world’s leading Italian…