Water St. Branch

Lot 47-48 Water Street, Georgetown, Guyana
Manager: Mr. Terry Gopaul

Telephone: +592 226 8430-9
Facsimile: +592 227 1612
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Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 14:00
Friday 08:00 - 14:30

The Bank's Water Street Branch has become renowned for its beautiful dome, which boasts paintings that depict important personalities in Guyana's History. The dome was built as part of the original design for the building in 1922, but was left as a plain interior roof. The idea of a mural for the interior of the Dome originated with Hugh McGregor Reid, the Architect in charge of the renovations to the Barclays Bank Water Street Office in 1973, whose desire was to have the Dome covered with a painting of a somewhat different nature that would depict something relevant to Guyanese history as well as hold the viewer’s interest. Guyanese artists Sranley Greaves and E. Anthony Phillips were invited to share the job, and these artists suggested portraits of historical figures as people relate faster and more emotionally to human figures, particularly figures which have had something to do with the country in which they live. Locally, research was carried out by Vere T. Daly, a noted historian and author and Dr. Robert Moore, former Professor of History at the University of Guyana who, at the time, was Guyana's High Commissioner to Canada.

The mural depicts eight figures of importance in Guyana’s development, each drawn from various areas such as exploration, the slave are, those associated with it from Government, religion, etc. Each figure has its own legend of explanation and is presented in a semi-cubist form. They surround a central figure, Makanaima, the great ancestral spirit of the Amerindians, the indigenous people of Guyana, looking down from the centre of the turning world of history.

On 30th November, 1987, after operating in Guyana for 150 years, Barclays Bank ceased operations and transferred its assets and liabilities to the Government of Guyana. The Bank opened its doors to the public on 1st December 1987 as Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited.