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Housing Loans

  Low-income Housing

Low income earners can now have an opportunity to own their own homes with GBTI’s Low Income Housing Loans. Mortgages can be obtained for up to twenty-five (25) years with the customer’s low contribution of only 10% towards the cost of the house and land. Loans can be accessed whether you are building or buying up to a maximum of $8M.

Interest rates are as follows:

4.9% up to $3M
6.9% above $3M up to $8M

Documents required to make an application are:

  1. Identification card/Passport along with (1) passport size photo.
  2. Proof of address (utility bill, rental receipt, etc)
  3. Employment confirmation letter and (3) consecutive months’ pay slips
  4. Proof of income if self employed
  5. Copy of Transport/Title/Lease Document or Letter of Intent / Agreement of Sale & Purchase if property being purchased
  6. Certificate of Valuation for property being purchased from a Government Valuation Officer (Officers are located at the Government Valuation Office, Camp Street, G/Town) along with two photographs
  7. Estimates of construction cost accompanied by an approved plan
  8. Proof of 10% contribution
  Residential Mortgage Loans

The GBTI Residential Mortgage Loan Plan has been structured to meet the needs of the middle-income earner who wishes to build a three or four bedroom house. The interest rates charged for the Residential Mortgage Loans are:

10% per annum for facilities over $2M and up to $10M
11% per annum for facilities over $10M

Under this scheme the repayment period will range from 5-20 years and your repayment must not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income. It is a requirement that the borrower contributes 20% of the cost of the project.

The requirements for obtaining a Residential Mortgage Loan are:
  1. Title Documents or Agreement of Sale and Purchase
  2. Employment/Salary confirmation
  3. Proof of Business Income if self employed

A Mortgage over the property will be required as Collateral Security in addition to adequate Fire and Life Insurance coverage.


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