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Visa Travel Classic Card

Existing GBTI VISA Travel Classic card customers - register or login to check your VISA card account online.

The GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card is a prepaid card that can only be used internationally, limited only by the funds available on the card.

With the GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card you travel with more than money.

  1. Purchasing power worldwide
  2. Worldwide acceptance
  3. Reliability and convenience
  4. Online shopping at your fingertips
  5. Enjoy easy reloading options. Simply visit any one of our branches or have someone reload the card on your behalf
  6. It can be loaded with a minimum amount of US$ 50.00 and a maximum of US$ 5000.00
  7. You do not need to have an account with us own a GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card

Frequently Asked Questions

  Who can apply for the Card?
  Any person over the age of 16 with the following information :
  • Valid photographic identification – (Passport, National Identification card or Driver's License)
  • Proof of Address (not older than 6 months)
  • Passport Photo
  • Job letter/ salary slip (original- not older than 3 months)
Self-employed - up to date financial statements
  How do I get a Card?

Just collect an application from anyone of our branches. Complete and return it in person to the branch and make your payment. The Card is to be uplifted from the Water Street Branch.

  What is the cost of the Card?

New Card US$ 10.00
Plus 0.5% (Min G$ 100.00)
Additional Card US$ 8.00
Replacement Card US$ 15.00
Renewal fees US$ 7.00
(Fees are subject to change without notice)

  How do I obtain the balance on my Card?

To confirm the available balance on your GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card you get registered and check your Card Account details at

  What do I do if my Card is stolen?

Report to us immediately if you believe the Card or its PIN has been lost or stolen. It is the best way to minimize your possible losses.


  1. The GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card is personalized
  2. It is affordable - no monthly interest charges
  3. No need to travel overseas with cash
  4. Easy, cash-less payment methods for your purchases anywhere VISA Cards are accepted
  5. Obtain cash at any ATM wherever you see the GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card sign
  6. Can be reloaded while you are abroad
  7. Enjoy real-time access to shop at stores or online:
    • Book accommodation
    • Air travel
    • Cruises
    • Car rentals, etc.
  8. Can be used at over 25 million merchants located worldwide
  9. You can obtain cash at more than 1 million GBTI VISA Travel Classic Card ATMS in the USA and 145 countries around the world

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