GBTI Launches 2019 Calendar – rewards participants for art

GBTI Launches 2019 Calendar – rewards participants for art

GBTI today launched its 2019 Calendar under the theme of its recently changed tagline “We see Guyana through your eyes.”

The calendar features the six winning art pieces from the Bank’s Calendar Competition which was held during September and October this year.

Among the winners are Mariana Ramai, 15 of Saraswati Vidya Niketan School; Darshanie Pirana, 14 of Christ Church Secondary; Chelsea Wallerson, 13 of Marian Academy; Lorenzo Smartt, 9 of Port Kaituma Primary; Unn Persaud, 14 of Marian Academy and Shivanie balkissoon, 12 of Hope Secondary.

More than 130 students participated from schools including: Marian Academy, Annandale Secondary, New Guyana, Skeldon Line Path Secondary, School of the Nations, Hope Secondary, Abrams Zuil, North West Secondary, Queens College, Tagore Memorial, West Demerara Secondary, Waramadong Secondary and Patentia Secondary among others.

Each piece displayed the uniqueness of Guyana’s richness and bright future: rich flora and fauna, rich natural resources, ethnic diversities and the emerging oil and gas sector interwoven with national symbols, patriotism and a vision of hope.

Mr Richard Isava, Executive Director of GBTI expressed gratitude to the students for their participation and encouraged them to continue to pursue their goals, noting that parents always see their children as lawyers and doctors and so on where as it is the creative and expressive arts such as music, literature and poetry, that contribute to our happiness, yet the sector is often neglected.

He noted the Banks commitment to supporting and recognising Guyanese talent as the leading Guyanese bank.

GBTI is privileged to have provided this platform for these students to share their vision and it is our hope that they will each work towards realizing their vision that they so creatively expressed in their art pieces as we too see Guyana through your eyes.

Apart from recognising the students with Early Savers Gift Vouchers, the art pieces will be showcased in GBTI’s banking halls across the country and other media platforms.

GBTI also expressed thanks to the other 130 individual participants and schools from across the country for their interest and looks forward to their continued support and interest in 2019.

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