Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Cruises

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Cruises

When we think of cruises, the word “vacation” comes to mind. However, cruises are also a great way to engage in business activities like conferences, product launches, trade shows, and business meetings.

Holding these events at sea is a great way to deliver an unforgettable experience while still engaging in productive activities. Keep reading to see why many companies are considering hosting business events on cruise ships.

When you plan corporate events at sea, your staff and colleagues will be amazed at the amenities available. You can increase productivity by day and entertain and entice by night. Learn about corporate cruises and how to know if they are right for your company.

Working at Sea: Productive Leisure

Corporate cruises are designed to provide a fun and engaging environment to educate and empower people from your organization with a luxurious cruise experience. With the help of an experienced cruise planner, organizations can create an amazing at-sea corporate experience that helps accomplish business goals while featuring all there is to love about cruising.

In addition to the fun and productive aspects of holding business events at sea, doing so can also save companies money compared to alternatives. Hosting meetings, educational training, and conferences on a cruise is less expensive than many land-based venues.

Most cruises offer accommodations, meals, beverages, meeting spaces, and activities for one price. These things are significantly more expensive when purchased a la carte on land. When you consider the cost to host events on land for large corporations, it is easy to see why corporate events at sea is a great idea.

Here are a few more advantages of hosting a corporate event on a cruise ship:

1. Value

According to cruise industry experts, holding a corporate event at sea can cost 20 to 30 percent less than hotel conference spaces. Top cruise lines offer high-tech multimedia capabilities with staff on hand to coordinate presentations, guest speakers, forums, and any other activities that require media services to ensure your events run smoothly. Since A/V equipment for meetings, meals, and entertainment are included, corporate cruises provide undeniable value.

2. No Resort Fees

Although cruise shops are resort-like, there are no associated resort fees, unlike at popular convention hotels.

3. All the Planning Is Done for You

Cruise planners understand the nuances of cruise travel and have experience with the associated excursions, onboard activities, and itineraries.

4. Accommodations for Large Groups

For large corporate events with thousands of attendees, holding these events on land can get complicated. Large ships can accommodate more people and have the space to accommodate small subgroups for breakout sessions.

Corporate Cruises Help Companies Reward High Performers

Another popular reason to choose a cruise ship for your next corporate event is improving employee morale. Decision-makers are often stumped when it comes to the best ways to reward high-performing talent. Top companies have used cruises as a way to motive employees, reduce turnover, and boost morale. Many popular cruise lines have corporate programs that specifically focus on creating competitive rewards for companies and employees. 

Corporations can use cruises as a way to incentivize reaching specific career milestones, contest prizes, or for meeting or exceeding sales goals. Other popular uses for cruise incentives include rewards for: improving safety processes or compliance; closing a big deal; longevity incentives; and meeting fundraising goals.

Corporate cruises make practically any event extraordinary and are a great way to say thank you to the dedicated employees, business partners, and vendors.

Planning Your Corporate Cruise Event

If you are tasked with planning corporate events for your organization, selecting a cruise as the venue can seem risky. Hosting a big corporate event on a ship is very different than having on land events. It is a good idea to consult a professional cruise planner with help figuring out the details.

Since different ships offer different amenities, working with a travel agent or cruise planner allows you to list everything you need for your event. From there, the planner will help you find a cruise that checks all the boxes. In addition, cruise planners can assist with coordinating land excursions and activities and will help you achieve the most cost-effective corporate cruise possible.

Cruise planners can give valuable insight into the best cruises for corporate endeavors. They may also have access to special corporate sales teams who work directly with cruise lines to create customized corporate event packages. Many of the standard cruise activities and excursions can be modified into team-building activities and cruise planners will go above and beyond to ensure your corporate cruise meets your organization’s expectations.

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