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GBTI Quick Cash Cards


The Quick Cash Card is a pre-loaded Guyana dollar card issued by Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry Limited. The Quick Cash Card is for use in Guyana only and can be used while funds are available on the card. It can be used for access to over 19 ATM Money Zone locations and 198 Point-of-Sale terminals. 

Features and Usage

  • The Quick Cash Card is a personalised money card
  • It can be loaded with amounts between G$500.00 to a maximum of G$250,000.00
  • There is no minimum balance requirement; however, consideration must be taken for any applicable fees when performing transactions
  • You can reload your Quick Cash Card at any one of our Branches or anyone can do it for you
  • Use for payment of utility bills at all our ATM Money Zone locations
  • The Quick Cash Card can be used to make purchases at any merchant that accepts GBTI ATM Cards
  • Your salary can be loaded on the card
  • Incoming money transfers can also be loaded on the card
  • The Quick Cash card can be purchased at any of our branches

Loading of the Card

Your GBTI Quick Cash Card can be loaded at any of our branches and can be done by anyone. The card can be loaded by:

  • Cash or cheque deposits over the counter
  • Wages and salaries credited by employer
  • Incoming money transfers

Please note that cash and salaries loaded to the card will be available on the same day of processing. However, any amount loaded to the card via a cheque will be available only when the cheque has cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a card?

Anyone can apply for this card.

Do I need to have an ID or passport to apply?

Yes identification card/& passport, proof of address, pay slip, passport size picture, tin certificate. Uplift an application form from any one of our branches. Return completed application and photo / ID to the branch and uplift your card.

How much will it cost me?

Your new card is FREE.



  • Personalised Money Card
  • No Annual Fees
  • Affordable – it's FREE
  • No need to walk with cash
  • There is no minimum balance requirement
  • Load your Guyana dollars equivalent money transfer and withdraw as you need to spend or pay your bills electronically
  • Obtain cash at any GBTI ATM Money Zone location
  • Allows you to manage your cash
  • Safe, PIN-protected. If lost or stolen you don't have to worry that you will lose your cash; just report it to us
  • Can be reloaded at any of our branches. Any one can reload your card
  • Can be used everywhere GBTI Kaieteur Classic Cards are accepted


The following fees will apply to the Quick Cash Card:

New Card FREE
Cash withdrawal at a GBTI ATM G$10.00
Bill Payment at a GBTI ATM G$10.00
POS Transactions G$10.00
Balance Inquiry at a GBTI ATM Free
Replacement Card G$100.00
Re-loading fees (over the counter) G$250.00
Renewal Fees G$100.00
Salary loading G$100.00
Blocked card G$100.00
Incoming Money Transfer loading G$200.00

(Please note that fees are subject to change without notice.)

Customer Service - Balance Enquiries

To check the balance on a Quick Cash Card and / or view recent transactions:

  • Balance Enquiry at ATM Money Zone locations
  • Printed statement (subject to a fee)


The Quick Cash Card is valid for two (2) years after issuance. If there is a remaining balance on the card after the expiration date, you can call or contact the Card Centre at our Regent Street Branch at any time during the next twelve (12) months to request a refund or to request a new card. A new Quick Cash Card will have the value equal to the remaining balance of your expired card.


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