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Welcome to Electronic Banking!  Access your account on the go from your mobile phone, or your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s convenient, safe and easy.

  • Get real-time account statement
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts
  • Pay utility bills
  • Manage your credit cards and accounts

Electronic Banking

Our Direct platform gives you access to your account at your convenience.

It’s designed for those of you who need a fast and easy way to manage your account from home, work or on the go.

Yes! Your account can be opened at any one of our Branches.

You do not need any special software beyond having access to the Internet.

Signing-up is FREE!  Come into any one of our Branches convenient to you and we’ll get you signed up.

At GBTI, we guarantee you that our Electronic Banking Service is safe and secure. Your Login credentials are known to you only. If your screen is inactive for five (5) minutes or more, the system automatically logs you out. You are then required to re-enter your User ID and Password.

Electronic Banking allows all cardholders the convenience of:

  • Checking your Account Balance
  • Viewing Your Account History
  • Transferring funds between accounts
  • Making Bill/Utility Payments
  • Requesting Stop Payments/Bank Drafts/Account Statements/Address Change/Cheque Books
  • Amending Term Deposit Instructions
  • Encoding Standing Instructions

After logging onto our website www.gbtibank.com, click the GBTI Direct Banking “E Banking sign in” icon

*Please note you can only sign in after registering and receiving and username and password from the bank.

  1. The login page will be displayed (please see Appendix 2). Enter User ID and Login password provided by the Bank. Using your mouse, select SIGN IN. Do not use the enter key.
  2. After accepting the terms and conditions it will be mandatory to change login and transaction passwords (your transaction password is necessary when initiating any transaction on Direct Banking).
    Again the virtual keyboard can be unchecked if you wish to manually type in both passwords.
  3. To create your new password special attention should be given to the rules found at the bottom of the page for both passwords. if the rules are not followed, you will be unable to continue.
  4. Account nicknames can then be chosen, e.g. savings, chequing, expenses, etc (this is optional).
  5. After successfully signing in, you can now change your username to something of your preference. This is found under the customer services tab under preferences.

Transactions available on Direct Banking

  • Check account balances
  • View statements
  • View Cheque images
  • Pay utility bills
  • Pay selected insurance payments
  • Pay selected hire purchase payments
  • Transfer funds between personal GBTI accounts
  • Transfer funds to third party GBTI accounts
  • Make Amendment to standing instructions on term deposits
  • Request Manager’s Cheques
  • Place Stop on cheques.
  • General correspondence

Mobile Banking

Bank from the palm of your hand!

Our Mobile Banking Application allows you to conduct your financial transactions remotely using your mobile device such as your smartphone on a 24 hour basis.

Mobile Banking allows you to:

  • check account balances
  • follow your latest transactions
  • make electronic payments
  • transfer funds between your own accounts
  • view and download copies of statements
  • save on transaction charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your account can be opened at any one of our Branches.

You can visit any of our Branches and sign up for the Mobile Banking Service or complete the form below and submit it to any of our branches

The App is compatible with both the android and apple operating platforms:

  • Blackberry OS 5.0
  • Apple iPhones iOS 3.1.3
  • Apple iPads iOS 4.0
  • Android OS 2.2
  • J2ME Rich CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0

At GBTI, we guarantee you that our Mobile Banking Service is safe and secure.

  • Your APP is Password protected by a password known only to you.
  • Your User Name can be reset by you at any time
  • Your Password word can only be reset by the bank upon your request. After which you will be allowed to reset.
  • You are automatically logged out of the APP, if you are inactive for 5 minutes or more
  • A transaction password (separate from your Username password) is requested for every transaction.
  • Your transaction password is also given to you by the bank upon sign up completion.
Service Smartphones

(Mobile Application)

Other phones

(WAP Browser)

Check your Account Balance


View your Account History


Complete Transfers between your GBTI accounts and other GBTI accounts


Pay Utility Bills


Place Stop Payments


Change your Login and Transaction Passwords at your convenience Y    Y
Check your Mailbox


View Term Deposit Balances


View Loan Account Status


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View Cheque Status Y Y

Contact the Bank



GBTI Funds Transfer

GBTI has enabled the feature that allows customers to transfer funds to other GBTI account holders. This document outlines the steps to be taken by customers when setting up the Funds Transfer feature.

  1. Creating a Beneficiary Account

    Customers wishing to make transfers to the accounts of other GBTI account holders will first need to add these accounts as beneficiaries before being able to make the transfers.

    Customers will log into GBTI’s online banking platform:

    1. Under the My Payments drop down there is a Beneficiary Account option; select by clicking once.
    2. The following page will be displayed. Under Transaction type select Internal Account Transfer then click once on Create Beneficiary Template.
    3. The following page will be displayed. Fill in the customer information and ensure the branch selected and the account number is correct. Upon completion, click once on Add to add the beneficiary account.
    4. The following page will be displayed for customer verification and confirmation.
    5. Once confirmation is given and the beneficiary account created, the customer can now transfer funds to the account.
  2. Funds Transfer

      1. Going back to the home page, under My Payments, there is a Funds Transfer option followed by “Other GBTI Customer Transfer” option. Click to select the option.
      2. The following page will be displayed. A quick search by clicking on the little magnifying glass next to Beneficiary Account will provide the details needed for the account the customer wishes to transfer funds into.
      3. The following page will be displayed. Click on the Search button to pull up all Beneficiary accounts (customers can add more than one beneficiary account). Select the account for funds to be sent to and click Submit.
      4. The information for the Beneficiary Details fields will be filled in. The customer then fills in the source account by selecting which of the customers ‘personal accounts listed he\she wishes to transfer the funds from. The amount and Currency are to be filled in next, before clicking Initiate to submit the transfer.
      5. The following page will be displayed for verification and confirmation before the transfer is completed.