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Requirements to Establish Clubs/ Associations/ Societies/ Charitable Organisations/ Foundations/ Trusts/ Non-Governmental Organisations

Documents to be Submitted:

  • Identification Card, Guyana’s new Plastic Driver’s Licence or Passport for each Principal/ Trustee and Signatory
  • Proof of Address for place of residence for each Principal/ Trustee and Signatory*
  • TIN Certificate for each Principal/ Trustee and Signatory once they are taxpayers in Guyana
  • Proof of Address for Main Office*
  • TIN Certificate for the Organisation*
  • Proof of Income – Outline of budgeted income*
  • Two Character References for each Principal/ Trustee and Signatory must be from reputable individuals
  • Legal Documents of an Organisation:-*
    • Certificate of Registration Under the Friendly Act Society
    • The Co-operative Societies Act
    • Deed of Trust
  • Charter Rules and Regulation of the Association
  • Letter from Governing body acknowledging the establishment of an account at GBTI
  • Extract of the Minutes of the Meeting stating when the decision to open an account at GBTI was made
  • Resolution stating that a decision was made to open an account at GBTI stating the names of Principals/ Trustees and Signatories along with the signing instructions
  • Confirmation of overseas Bank Account for Foreign NPOs

Documents to be Completed:

  • Application Form
  • Index Card
  • Mandate
  • Cheque Book Requisition
  • ATM Agreement Forms( if applicable)
  • Direct Banking Agreement
  • Security Questionnaire