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Careers in Banking

Some job positions offered at GBTI are:
  • Tellers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Loan officers
  • Typists
  • Marketing Officer
  • Secretaries
  • Branch Managers
  • Legal Officer

Which Career is for you?

A. Branch Manager
A Branch Manager is responsible for overseeing all activities of their branch including solving customers' problems. They must know about all the operations of the Branch and must be able to know their customers and establish and maintain good relations with the customers. Branch Managers must also be up to date with the changes in the environment and make suggestions to the Marketing team as to how they can better serve the community that the Branch is located.
B. Customer Service Representative
A customer service representative actively communicates with customers to ensure that the Bank delivers the products and services that help them to achieve their financial needs and lifestyle goals.

To achieve this requires that you:
  • Listen carefully to customers
  • Resolve customers enquiries promptly and in a professional manner
  • Sell financial products and services to help customers meet their financial goals.
C. Human Resources Manager
The most important asset to any organisation is its people. The Human Resources Manager is responsible for recruitment of staff, and resolution of other staff matters.
D. Information Technology
Many businesses rely heavily on computers. The resources have to be maintained. Banks need trained staff to maintain the computer networks and advise on changes in technology.
E. Internal Auditor
Management sets policies and procedures to meet goals and objectives. The duty of the internal auditor and team is therefore very important to ensure that staff follow the guidelines set.
F. Loan Officers
This is a highly desirable job in the Banking industry and involves providing loans to businesses and customers. Being a loan officer requires that you have good marketing skills, and ability to understand a business and a solid understanding of banking regulations.
G. Legal Officer
Banks employ a Legal Officer to deal with the many legal issues, which form part of the daily operations of the organisation.
H. Marketing Officers
Marketing Officers are responsible for public relations and the overall promotion of the organizations products and services. They are responsible for ensuring the overall image of the organization is always positive, customers are satisfied with the service being provided by the organizations. They are required to know about all the services of the company and are responsible for keeping up to date with the changes in the markets and economy in order to come up with new and innovative ways of serving the customers. They must possess good communicating and analytical skills and must be enthusiastic about the job.
I. Secretaries
Secretaries are personal assistants to managers or executives. They are responsible for preparing documents, organizing diaries, itineraries and meetings. They are also responsible for screening incoming calls and checking emails. Personal Assistants must apply excellent organizational skills, tact, diplomacy, effective communication skills, maintain confidentiality in sensitive matters, and display excellent judgment.
J. Tellers
Tellers must have excellent communication skills, enjoy working with the public, and possess strong mathematical aptitude. Tellers must also be honest, courteous and must feel comfortable handling large amounts of cash, multitasking and working with computers.
K. Training Officer
Training and development of staff is handled by the Training Officer.
L. Typists
Typists are responsible for preparing documents for use by their respective departments. Typewriters are still widely used but the majority of the work is done on the computer.


  • Strong work ethic
  • Positive attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management abilities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Acting as a Team player
  • Self confidence
  • Flexibility / Adaptability
  • Working well under pressure


  • Honesty
  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable

Some general requirements include:

  • Working knowledge of computer programmes (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc)
  • At least 5 subjects at CSEC (Grades 1 to 3) including Mathematics and English.

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