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GBTI is Guyana’s number one banker. We care about you, whether you are a business customer or a personal customer. We offer a range of full-fledged banking services from retail savings and lending to large commercial trading facilitation services and small business investment support.

Our aim is to transform your desires and goals into reality with our customized financial services; ultimately driving growth and development and empowering and transforming communities across Guyana.

Our presence in 12 locations, from Port Kaituma in the North West, to Corriverton in East Berbice, and Lethem in Central Rupununi, makes us the most accessible bank and equal employer of more than 600 employees, thereby helping to shape the lives of more than 600 Guyanese families.

We are empowered by an experienced and vibrant management team, a stable and prestigious work environment, a healthy income, dignified and high work ethics and standards and a bright future of innovative banking.